Tim Allen cancelled for conservative ideals

I do not think the producers of TV and movies these days realize is,the amount of conservative viewers is dwindling due not to the lack of their existing,but because they find the content of the programing available…. distasteful and just down right disturbing.  Loosing one of the few conservative friendly shows out there Tim Allen’s “Last Man Standing” Is a crying shame. Allen has been a favorite of mine for a very long time back during his “Home improvement”days I was an avid watcher. However that was before I basically quit watching broadcast TV.

I have to admit I have not seen this show but I did watch the clip showing what they canceled it over….and I was immediately hooked on the show and fully intend on finding a stream of it to view very soon.

So sight unseen I say that just from the small clip I watched I am pretty sure it will be on my play list on KODI very soon.


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