When Globalists Attack!!! Infowars ads blocked,Milo Resigns from Breitbart

The Left and the Globalists behind them are playing dirty pool. Today  in the news we  find out that Milo Yiannopoulos has resigned from Breitbart due to the harassment he has been receiving over a statement he made, during  a past speech, being twisted and warped in to  him being in support of pedophilia.


There also has been an announcement made that Infowars Products, Like   CAVEMAN PALEO SUPPLEMENT  advertisement on Google have been banned. Yes  the ads run for products sold to fund Infowars news HAVE BEEN BANNED. WHY? Censorship of the Conservative media. that’s why….!!!!



THE Conservative libertarian  author/writer/ public speaker,Who just happens to be Gay and a victim of sexual child abuse. Is being harasses at his every move  It is a witch hunt including the fire and violence.
(on this page are videos from Citizen media  we have to support people who share info not biases by the globalist owned MSM.)

LAWereWolf Entertainment

Milo has been though a ton of lash outs against his political ideals and speeches. He has been driven out of prearranged speaking events by violent Leftist protests.Several times this year alone and we are only 2 months in to this year.

Milo speaks about UC Berkley

Milo on Joe Rogan  where  he makes statements about the Pedophilia.This video is the one  that  is causing all the uproar in the Corrupt MSM news.

If you watch this you see a man who once was a abused boy dealing with a typical case of Stockholm syndrome. As we all know teens of 14 do become  sexual and they do  sometimes, when having emotional issues become sexual predators.

I can vouch only for myself but I know  that when I was just one year older at 15 I was very much feeling the drive for sexuality. Had I not been a balanced and logical teen I could have become a sexual predator. This is not to excuse the Priest mentioned for his actions but to say that there are always two sides to every story and Milo is telling the truth from his side. The MSM has grabbed on to this honest story, in a cloak of humor, as Milo saying  Pedophilia is a okay thing.
Think for your self for a moment of something in your life you have dealt with by making a joke of it . I can think of many situations when I have used humor not to go to  the dark side.
A few years ago I was helping a friend clean out her garage  I stepped over a set of car ramps and right in to a pan of used oil that someone had not taken to be recycled yet. I fell I slipped just like a cartoon character slipping on a banana. When I fell  my left arm landed on the two upraised parts of the car ramp and  I severely bruised my arm and broke  a  small bone in my hand. It was terribly painful, the nearest hospital was almost a hour and a half away I had no insurance so, I took care of it myself  bracing my hand for months and putting ice on my arm. It healed fine and even though I have issues with arthritis in my other hand, that I broke a finger on and did go to get set many years ago,   I never have issues with  the one I set myself… but I  joked about it to get over the pain about how I was a cartoon, or a stunt actor.
I think it is a more Conservative minds set to be able to freely joke about things that are not politically correct so to speak. The censorship of the Globalist agenda called politically correct speech  has tainted so many people. There is a whole society of people who gravitate towards the left who try to police the speech of others with differing ideas, by any means necessary.

I am  very serious when it comes to the topic of censorship and the abuse of the first amendment rights of all Americans.We are losing those rights  one by one they are using everything from virtue signaling and politically correct shaming to banning advertising and ads  from  Infowars STORE  

According to Alex Jones this will effectively remove over 3 million dollars worth of income used to fund the Daily news provided by their main web site. WATCH the daily news



Above the letter from AdRoll to Infowars about the cancellation of their account.

FROM THE ARTICLE :Bombshell: Major Ad Agency Suspends Infowars Over Support For Trump Discriminatory move based on “political content” of website

So what are WE THE PEOPLE going to do ….
A call to action  do not advertise with  AdRoll and we need to find another 3rd party search engines like these below to use. These search engines. do not Censure content.
On my google search to give links to  search engines  that  do  not  use censorship I came across this  link Pirate Browser  
I went to the main page to get a link for  this post and got this.

MAKE NOT ICANN WAS TURNED OVER to the UN just months ago.  more  censorship? you decided. It’s been going on for years. This makes me so mad.

Search Engines List  I chose Gibiru  the last one on my list here..

duckduckgo   Duck Duck Go

privatelee-104x25  Privatelee Search Engine

gibiru-search-31 GIBIRU ANON SUPPORTED

go to the above link for why people use GIBIRU

This is why

Download the FREE Firefox Toolbar anon Search Application for anonymous 128 bit encrypted search right from your Firefox browser bar

  • 128 bit secure search encryption
  • Search safely on Gibiru directly from your browser bar
  • Confidence that what you search for on the web remains your business alone

We also recommend that you download the FREE full Firefox Anonymox plugin for maximum privacy: This free plugin will allow you to:

  • Use 25 Free International Proxy IP Addresses – So you can break free of Big Brother
  • Select regional IP address to access content and services that are censored or blocked in other countries.
  • Single Session Cookie detailed deletion. So you can clear your browsing history that your computer naturally store
  • User Agent Spoofing – so you can break out of that filter bubble and censorship

Founded in 2009 by Internet Privacy advocates, Gibiru is the preferred Search Engine for Patriots. Gibiru is faster than the NSA Search Engines since it does not install all sorts of personalization and tracking cookies on your system. Gibiru provides Uncensored and Unpersonalized Anonymous Web and News Results Gibiru is Not partnered with the NSA so you can Browse the Internet safely the way the Constitution would have intended.

WE THE PEOPLE  have to  fight back  by not  supporting Google who is  censuring  what they allow you to find in search results.
As with anything  do your own Research. I attempt to provide as much information as I am able to  when I have time to do so ..between all of  my Youtube WordPress and  FB posting  and the research I do to  post  I spend between 5 and 10 hours a day.
You can help support my ability to continue to do so HERE:
Truth Matters Patreon



ADDITION I GOT CALLED ALTRIGHT AND CENSURED  when i posted this to a  FB group  South Carolina for the New Conservative Movement. censured-by-the-sc-new-conservitive

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