Explaining the Liberal VS Conservative thought process (as I see it )

I am writing this from  my studies , observation and participation in our warped and twisted political system.
First  some clarification and recent history.

From:This well written site
“Liberal policies generally emphasize the need for the government to solve problems. Conservatives believe in personal responsibility, limited government, free markets, individual liberty, traditional American values and a strong national defense.”


Anyone who would vote for Hillary would have to be off their rocker.
Hillary Clinton the 2016 democrat presidential candidate, was and is one of the most corrupt people ever to run for a  presidential political office.Perhaps, barring her husband Bill.
However the liberal media and the liberals them selves seemed to deny, any and all, fault with her and her campaign. They refuse to accept the facts pertaining to her  email scandal or the DNC / Wikileaks information. Instead, they have come up with a false narrative about Trump being in bed with the Russians. Followed by outlandish claims Russians hacking the election, in his favor. What they really mean is they believe the Russians were involved in obtaining the leaked information.The information in the hacked email they say swayed the election.. Not that they tampered with voting machines or ballot counts.

The mainstream media news outlets such as The  New Your Times ,The Huffington post  The Washington Post , The LA Times and  TV news outlets such as CNN , ABC , NBC , CBS all went to bat for Clinton demonizing  Donald Trump at every turn.

They spun every story they could to create a buzz about how utterly awful and disgusting  Donald Trump was. Slinging nasty names like racist misogynist islamophobe  In my opinion they did this to  distract from the legal case about  Benghazi,  the private server, and the DNC leaks.

Combined these three things proved; that Hillary Clinton had no business running for office at all. In fact she was on the take from foreign governments and special interests though both her  campaign and her family run charity. She also had been fed Debate  questions during her battle with fellow  democrat  candidate, Democratic Socialist,  Bernie Sanders who was actually the preference of the majority of Voters in the democrat party. The  DNC leaks brought out  by Julian Assange and Wikileaks proved that she had actually stolen the nomination from Sanders. Yet no one stopped her even then.


All in all Clinton ran a dirty campaign, where she with the DNC  (as found out in  Wikileaks  DNC/ Podesta email dumps) were both promoting and create the narrative the Mainstream Media  was and till this day,still is promoting.

As you can tell I am not fond of “Crooked Hillary” but  why would anyone be …….Anyone  that is informed, paying attention and not completely sucked in to the MSM narrative.
For some reason liberals are easy prey when it comes to lies and Brainwashing tactics.Some theory’s   say that there are actually 2 different ways our brains are wired. We are either R or K selective people. to explain :

Excerpt from ROK The basic idea is that r-selected species are adapted for environments with unlimited resources, while K-selected species are adapted for competition. The typical examples of these are rabbits and wolves. As the article explains:

Rabbits (r-Strategy)

They’re herbivores with near unlimited resources (never a shortage for grass).. The virtually unlimited resources are a primary reason why rabbits are not territorial. This is also part of the reason why they opt for breeding often; unlimited resources means they’re not going to starve.

They have no defense against predators other than running. They do not have any loyalty towards their group. It makes no sense for a rabbit to rush to the aid of another rabbit being attacked. Then you’d just have two dead rabbits. Because they can be killed so easy, it makes sense to reach maturity as quickly as possible so they can begin birthing children.

Hierarchies are pointless in rabbit society. Rabbits lives are rather simple; eat grass and run away from danger. There’s no need to invest heavily in their offspring. As such, there’s no need to prove who’s the superior (alpha) and the best candidate for passing on their genes.

Wolves (K-Strategy)

They’re carnivores that must hunt to survive. Hunting requires more intelligence and training than grazing on grass. Due to the increased difficulty of hunting compared to grazing, more time is invested in training the offspring to survive.

Because prey is limited, wolves must viciously protect their territory from intruders. While it might seem heartless, if another pack is allowed into their territory the supply of prey will be exhausted and both packs will starve to death.

Wolves are monogamous/pair-bond. Because raising the offspring is so important for the continuation of the species, the wolves will pair for life in order to raise their young. As such, they will choose the best mate they can find to further improve their chances of birthing strong, healthy cubs. This process of choosing leads to hierarchies with an alpha male leading the pack. Wolves also wait longer before reproducing and generally have less offspring. If they reproduced early and often, there would be too many wolves for the ecosystem resulting in the consumption all the prey and starvation.

Wolves are more complex. This is true for carnivores in general. Because carnivores typically live in groups, they must have more sophisticated ways to communicate. The same is true for their domesticated brethren. Look at a dog and you can easily identify if he is scared, happy, angry, or bored by his body language and barks. Can you tell the same moods on a rabbit?


The  whole  Liberal mind set is  very  much a polar opposite to that of the conservative and  I feel from observation extremely illogical .Relying  on Governmental help on every issue only creates dependence and weakness.85cbed697802b4e0bdbf6e40ee73b3a3af1510055b20aa9532e839f073aa72f3_1the-socialist-brain-of-a-liberal-democrat

I believe  that these drastic  differences  are dividing our country  and our people and that it is a planned and orchestrated psychological coup.


As i see it ……….
Fiscal conservationism, is why many people voted for Trump. It was  not just Moral/ Religious values.Though these things too, had a large effect on his campaign.

Our country is over 20 trillion dollars in debt. We need to cut everything that is bleeding us dry and come up with new ways to bring jobs, prosperity and production back to the people .
The liberals throw money, we don’t have, at every social issue. No matter how few people it really effects.They claim they are fighting for equality for all but that “all” doesn’t include those on the Conservative side of the fence.  The mass amount of Liberals live in a Social bubble in large cities where virtue signaling and  (politically correct) shaming are used to manipulate the people around them to follow the progressive status quo. The dominate the Hollywood and Music industry, broadcast media and written publications with their agendas. Even when these agendas have virtually no basis in fact and are based in emotions , feelings, and manipulation  as a  end to a means.

Their is a lot of victim card playing and little to no solutions but to make a bigger government to take care of the social issues .. spending more and more on failed programs and ideas. This kind of living and spending is destroying the future for the next generation.
Conservatives look at the importance of survival and prosperity not just for themselves but for their kids and grand kids. Conservatives want to solve problems by building business and infrastructure and not wasting money.

They believe that if there is monetary prosperity a lot of the social issues will no longer  exist.They tend to have family values and stability and want to uphold the laws and statues that are built to give people freedom of speech , property rights, smaller government and liberty they are not likely to shame any one for speaking their mind but also don’t want a huge government regulating every time they take a breath or a step. They do not appreciate larger  Government and want to try to build fulfilling lives with the money they worked hard to obtain. They are not keen on the idea of letting someone else determine how that money is spent… Conservatives are savers, builders, investors, enraptures…… where liberals are spenders, takers,complainers,victims and Intolerant to a fault.
Liberals it seems, think more about the right now and the social justice issues that effect them and even those who are not them,  but are portrayed as victims that he also feel they them selves are. They all see themselves as Victims in one way or another…They do not generally, have a strong sense of loyalty to family or belief systems so it seems they cling to causes and virtue signaling.
Most of this is steeped in  the extreme dark depths of hypocrisy, overlooking how this effects the rest of the countries people and focusing on a cause or group that represents  a minority of the citizen in the country.Overlooking facts and data  and when confronted with  differing opinions becoming vile and rude, instead of trying to understand  or comprehend  the issue form another persons perspective.

I have to say it drives me mad some days to read some of the comments  that are on  social media .

Liberals are a conundrum.

They claim to be for humanitarian values but they can not see the external effects of not taking care of number one before taking on number 2 and 3 and 5 ..

For an example

If you have ever taken a airplane flight you have heard the emergency prep speech given before each flight. this speech always includes.

” If your traveling with children always put on your own oxygen mask first then take care of your kids”
This is  stated becasue  if you can’t take care of your self  and you pass out them  no one  is there to care for your child . The same applies to  caring for  people like refugees and Illegal immigrants. America is full of homeless people, Homeless Veterans, and  Children in the  foster care system  who need help before we as  a country should think about anyone one else we  should be thinking about the people we  aren’t caring for  already.  As well as the over 20 trillion dollars in national debt we have hanging over our heads.


.. and SADLY, if you don’t agree with a liberal they try to belittle you in to conforming to their ideals. some of which are just down right fruit loops. crazy and make no sense . For example: Why would liberal feminists support sharia law…? Which is abusive and oppressive of women.  Why would someone who is for humanitarian rights, support killing unborn babies.? Two totally different mind frames that clash horribly.

My conclusion

Liberalism….it’s a mental disorder…one I am still pondering the cure for.

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