An equation to determine human made climate change. Ummm?Really?

     The reason I question this equations ability to  produce a true number, is becasue of my past experiences as a volenteer at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History; science  Labs in D.C.

This is the Project I worked on in DC at the Smithsonian in 1997.
“The study of foraminifera, especially planktonic foraminifera, and what they can tell us about how Earths environment has changed during the past 120 million years. Because of their small size, relatively short geologic age ranges, and wide distribution in a variety of marine sediments worldwide, study of foraminiferal assemblages provides valuable insight to the age of the sediments in which they are found (biostratigraphy), the type of environment in which they were deposited (paleoecology), and the temperature of the ocean water in which they grew”

  • Brian T. Huber
  • Curator of Planktic Foraminifera

I was tasked with counting these Micro organisms under a microscope, and logging the data on global temperature cycles, that can be determined by the growth of these Single celled organisms. Notice I said cycles/changes, not actual temperatures.

Link to page of PaleoBiologist  I worked under.
Brian Huber
     My issue with the data created by this experiment being used  to determine base line temperatures for calculation in the below Equation, is this, you can only see the changes in growth of these microorganisms which are drilled from the sea floor by core sampling .. This is not!!! true data of temperature, it is a guess at best.
     For several reasons this really bothers my logical mind.Making these assumptions, your only using the data you can get from a guess the ocean temperatures determined by  growth or lessening of  micro organisms .Yet the data  they are comparing  it to is actual Temperature data from the last 100 years on land. It has been only  in more recent years, that both ,land and ocean data have been used to calculate global temperatures .
It is nothing more than a guess as to what the actual temperatures were in our past. All we can determine from things like this core sample data, is  that the ocean temperatures warmed and cooled in cycles. Using data from lab experiments, like this one, of Micro organism growth and claiming it to be  quantifiable temperature information is the wrong approach . then claiming it is comparable to current information we have been accurately been measuring for 45 years is not good Math….it is just a irresponsible guesstimate in the form of an equation.
     Let me just tell you this.This planet has swings of warming and cooling.The only thing  provable with the data  of the  above mentioned sea core sample experiment is that it does  this  naturally with out human intervention.Data before we had the modern measuring devices  we  do today  is a guess at best. Math is not and never has been  based on guessing.
     Yet…..Somehow these scientists, can come up with a mathematical equation and determine that the Natural change can be represented with a factor of zero and then use this equation to conclude we are causing a 170% change as humans, being here having an industrialized society.
     They are making this assumption with data of temperatures from the last 45 yrs, we have record of, against guesses… This is far from accurate enough to make determinations for  the entire planetary temperature fluctuations over hundreds of thousands of years, and our effect on it.
You   must also take in to account that there were no measurements of arctic or oceanic temp data until recent years, your lacking even more info to complete this equation.
     The actual temperature for the base line  they are using  in their equation has only been determined as a guess. There is no data for real, land temperature and  just a guess of  oceanic temperatures. How can they plug into any equation unknowns and get a 170% change caused  by humans as a result.
     True numbers and data would have to be used to do this equation properly not just guesses of  temperature  going back a few hundred thousand years. You can’t make math up…
     This equation is just unquantifiable information plugged in to a equation and coming up with a truly unknown Product.
Of course  they are going to claim they have solved the issues of just how much we effect the planet with our industrialized society. Their grants assuredly have to be justified, but this  equation is not true Math. True math has to have numbers and data that can actually be quantified. This information is just a educated guess at best , and little more.
This is 500 thousand guesstimated temperature data they are using

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