Reading:The fourth political Theory by Alexsander Dugan


“If you are in favour of global liberal hegemony, you are the enemy.”
Alexander Dugin

I am  as of yesterday reading  a new book written  by a  Russian  man named  Alexander Dugin. It has been translated from his native tongue and  has some interesting  thoughts and theories about  Politics.  When he speaks of  Liberalism  he  is referring  to classical  liberalism not necessary they liberal left, though in his work he does mention,  the Liberal left.


I will  probably write  more about the book as i get deeper in to the work  but yesterday he was a guest  on Infowars  Daily news. After hearing him speak I had to go get his book. here below is an quote from his work  The  fourth political Theory.

Alexsander Dugin

“The subject of Communism was class. Fascism’s subject was the state, in Italian Fascism under Mussolini, or race in Hitler’s National Socialism. In liberalism, the subject was represented by the individual, freed from all forms of collective identity and any ‘membership’ (l’appartenance). While the ideological struggle had formal opponents, entire nations and societies, at least theoretically, were able to select their subject of choice — that of class, racism or statism, or individualism. The victory of liberalism resolved this question: the individual became the normative subject within the framework

of all mankind. This is when the phenomenon of globalisation entered the stage, the model of a post-industrial society makes itself known, and the postmodern era begins. From now on, the individual subject is no longer the result of choice, but is a kind of mandatory given. Man is freed from his ‘membership’ in a community and from any collective identity,”
Alexander Dugin, The Fourth Political Theory

I will  continue to read this book over the net few days and see what it has to offer in ideas on how we can  go past  and stabilize our political environment that is very corrupted  and has been scarred and  abused by the globalist agendas.

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